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30 Full



For the Salt Lake Justice Court

Knot Releaser 30

Due to the repetitive conditions in which you work, we are going to find a knot or two (or MORE). Thirty minutes of massage will give time to focus on those pesky little muscle buggers.

GCM 30

Much Kneaded 45

When it feels like the weight of the office is sitting square on your shoulders you really KNEAD to spend some time for you! After 45 minutes of mighty manipulation of musculature, you'll be glad you took the time!

GCM 45

R&R 15

Come Relax & Rejuvenate in a 15 minute massage session! Get your brain clear, your blood flowing and your body rejuvenated!

GCM 15

The Sigh

30 full minutes of just what you KNEAD! If you're not sighing by the time we've finished either we did something wrong or you need more time!

The Slurp

It's that feeling of an over dose of Novocain, but no drilling, filling or pulling of teeth. Just a well relaxed body!


So Just when you've got the "I'm feeling GREAT" idea down do you REALLY want to mess that up? NO! take an extra 30 to fully understand what it is you now KNOW... it's good to be needed but it's FANTASTIC to KNEADED!